How to Manage Money: The Missing Element of Achieving Financial Freedom

Most advice on how to manage money is pretty simple and straightforward: get on a written budget and start keeping track of your spending habits. You can find oodles of this kind of advice on the internet, and it's pretty much all free. However, making this information work for you and getting consistent results is a completely different story.
In this article, we'll be discussing what makes the

Transferable Job Skills Might Be the Key to Your Job Search Success

Job skills are at the core of any hiring. The bottom line that the employer wants to know is, do you have the skills to get the job done right. If you identify your transferable job skills, you'll unlock a lot more opportunities in your search for employment. While your industry might be laying people off on a grand scale, there are other industries that have openings they need filled. Most

What Job Responsibilities Does an Accountant Handle?

The main job duty of an accountant is to make sure the businesses and individuals abide by the finance rules (as set up by the state), keep financial records in order and pay taxes in time. Though this is a simple job description that anyone can think of while talking about the responsibilities of an accountant, the duties may vary from one job position to another.
If you want to know what an

Job Titles Can Tell More Than You Want Them To!

Just a few weeks ago, I was working with a large company. We had several meetings, and I met many people. When I met someone new, we exchanged business cards. After I receive someone's card, I only glance down long enough to see what the person does. Is this person from IT, marketing, finance, or H/R? It helps me gain some perspective on what his or her focus is going to be during our discussions

How to Handle and Process New Job Offers

Lets face it looking for a brand new job, especially at the minute is hard, particularly in a professional sector like banking & finance and in a small jurisdiction like Jersey. Studying job listings, exploring Jersey based corporations and their respective culture, sending out CVs along with participating in numerous interviews is a time consuming process. So when finally when you receive the

Apply to Anonymous and Confidential Job Postings

If have a profile at a job portal, you would know that hundreds of employers post job openings on these websites daily. Most of these job descriptions are suggested to fit your skill set perfectly. However many times it happens that employers post jobs anonymously. How do you apply to such jobs without falling into a trap?
What are Hazards?
1. As you have no clue about this employer, it may very

Career As a Financial Planner

Financial planners analyze and do research on equities and securities. Their job is a package of fields like marketing, accounting, analyzing and management. If you want to learn more about this job profile and check for your suitability, this article is all you need!
With more and more people investing in the stock market, the demand for financial planners is increasing by the day. There is a