Basic Money Management Skills

Money. That which makes the world go round. Literally. Without encouraging romantic notions of 'but that is love', let's get moving. What I simply mean is, that it all boils down to the money that we have at the end of the day. Money determines the way we live, what we do, and basically every other decision of our lives. Without money, we are basically nothing. And that, I know, is something that

Putting a Retirement Planning Worksheet to Work For You

There are few things that we will do that will be more important than planning for our retirement. A good retirement plan means enjoying your golden years with financial security. That is the desire of everyone. Good retirement planning now can make it happen.
Retirement planning requires organization and good foresight. There are so many variables to be taken into consideration and so many

How to Survive Being Broke

So you've just been laid off. You're frantic about what to do because you don't have any savings. Your bills are not suddenly going to disappear. How in the world will you make it until you have a regular income again? Do not fear, because we have 7 tips that can help you keep cash coming in and pay your bills.
The very first thing to do before trying to make more money is eliminate all your